Conference Background

Countries across the African Region are at varying states in their journeys towards enacting Data Protection and Privacy laws and establishing Supervisory Authorities in response to the increased use of technology, the pace of digitization and the exponential growth in activity in the global cyber space.

Less than 15 out of 54 countries in the region have passed a Data Protection Law and since the adoption of the African Union’s Malabo Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data in July 2014 only 4 African Nations have ratified the Convention.

Concerns raised by countries across the region at the December 2018 AU meeting included the big data challenge, storage and fraudulent use of internet data, international cooperation, the applicability of GDPR in Africa, the African strategy on Artificial Intelligence and the adoption of a common African approach to the cross border transfer of personal data.

The Africa International Data Protection and Privacy Conference is a response to these challenges bringing together international experts to interact and focus on Africa and its specific issues and challenges, to share best practice and experience in an effort to move the continent forward on its Data Protection and Privacy journey.


Aims & Objectives

  • Support the regional enactment of Data Protection law and establishment of Authorities
  • Increase awareness of individual privacy as a fundamental Human Right across the region
  • Provide insight into the relevance of international conventions
  • Prioritize African Data Protection and Privacy in the global cyber space
  • Address the challenge of Data Protection, Privacy and Financial Conclusion
  • Highlight technological advancement, digitization and Data Controller Accountability
  • Explore ethical approaches and processing for the global good

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